Eco Friendly Products To Buy Today To Stop Plastic Waste

Eco-friendly Products

Did you happen to see the pictures of sea turtles dying out of plastic suffocation and coral reefs withering away due to abundance of plastic waste! The stomach of the whale filled with plastic and many other horrifying pictures have been doing the rounds on the internet for several years. While different countries like Kenya, Morocco, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Denmark, Italy etc. have totally banned or put taxes or started recycling programs for plastic, many countries still are using it, and extensively. Just as you can adopt energy-saving methods to conserve non-renewable energy, an eco-friendly lifestyle to prevent plastic waste is possible.

Eco-friendly Products That You Can Use

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In recent years, bamboo, glass, stainless steel, platinum silicone, beeswax clothes, paper, leaves, natural fiber, cardboard, clay and ceramics have been considered as eco-friendly materials to be used instead of plastic.

  • Paper packets and wraps

Instead of stuffing your groceries, stationary goods, clothing or food items in the conventional plastic bags, especially the thinner ones, start using paper wraps or packets. Available often in sets, these paper packages are better option than plastic packets as the former can keep any food item safe while the latter contains toxins.

  • Reusable tea or coffee cups

Caffeine or tea lovers would not have to stop having beverages outside in order to prevent plastic footprint –only by using reusable cups with reusable lids, they can enjoy their beverages. While many beverage stores offer silicone cups, some stores offer earthen pots which leave no waste and are easily decomposed. 

  • Bottles made of glass, stainless steel, copper and aluminum

When it comes to plastic waste, the bottles make up a significant percentage because we often end up buying plastic bottle while travelling outdoors and not many of us discard them sensibly. Besides most of the plastic bottles are for single use only. This is why, it is better to use steel, copper or aluminum bottles as they keep the liquid insulated. For household usage, you can buy the glass bottles to keep milk, water, oil or other liquids. 

  • Bamboo or cane carry-bag

To carry fruits, vegetables, grocery, clothing and other materials, having a carry-bag made of bamboo or cane not only give you a stylish look but also help you reduce your plastic footprint. These bags are quite water-resistant against medium downpour and are non-toxic. 

  • Wooden toothbrush, comb and hair clip

The amount of plastic used in sanitary and cosmetics can be alarming if not recycled or reused properly. Hence, it is better to purchase wooden toothbrush, hair clips and combs that run as long as those made of plastic.

  • Wooden cutlery

Nowadays, you will notice on several occasions that wooden spoons, forks and knives with wooden handle are being used instead of those cheap quality plastic ones. The stainless steel cutlery can also serve you well for a long time but they take much more time to be decomposed than the wooden cutlery.

  • Bamboo, glass or aluminum straw

Just like plastic beer can holders, the plastic straws too have ended up congesting the ocean bed and surface and millions of aquatic lives are doomed. Buy a set of glass, bamboo or aluminum straws according to your choice and reuse them afterwards.

  • Glass or ceramic utensils

When you are purchasing wooden or stainless-steel cutlery sets, why not invest a bit on ceramic or glass utensils as they not only look classy but also are eco-friendly? While plastic pots are not heat resistant and often get deformed, the ceramic or glass ones are microwave-safe and never get deformed.

  • Clay flowerpots

Nurturing a plant on a plastic flowerpot is perhaps the most ironical thing you can do and hence, go for the clay pots even though they seem a bit heavier for you. Clay pots help in proper circulation of water and do not harm the environment when discarded.

Kids as well as adults are more or less aware of the harmful effects of plastic pollution as it is a non-decaying material. It is high time to use the products that are made of eco-friendly material than toxic and non-biodegradable plastic.