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Cutting Down On Energy Consumption

Imagining a world without energy is impossible as we have come to rely on this as a major source of energy. Almost everything that we use today functions through electrical energy. Ideally, we should only use energy according to our needs and save the remaining. If you start saving energy, not only will you allow those who are more deprived of it to benefit, you will also start saving money.

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The Ecowizz Smart Plug

The product which is very simple to use and at the same time is affordable

Streaming Services

The cost-efficient streaming services we have found


With Family Dick you can be sure you will find out the darkest secrets of some fantasy step-family members. These step-dads and step-sons have special relationship and they sure do keep their family bond strong. And of course they are surely eco-friendly guys!

Devil's Film -

Devil's Film - launched in 1997 and still producing the filth. This studio is all about wild kind of fun, so expect only the filthiest genres of entertainment. If you want to be up to date with what's being created these days you really need to visit this official tube website!

Mommy's Boy Adult Time

Mommy's Boy - launched in 2021 this series brings us the knowledge we always wanted but we were afraid to ask for. Moms' special skills will help these boys become men. Society is full of buys and in lack of real men. And this is about to change. Adult Time exclusive series is not publishing its episodes!

Brazzers Exxtra

Brazzers Exxtra - green and eco-friendly but the most important fact is... extra content is always welcome. Exxtra subseries of ZZ features only the very best selection of daily updated episodes from the world's most famous crew!


JoyMii - sensual, romantic, friendly - this is the world of real joy in the version of this exclusive brand. Being under wings of Adult Time studio it continues to bring you the most influential erotica from Europe!


MILFED - the very best of moms content on the web. See why those mature ladies rule and know everything when it comes to fun part of our days. Exclusive from Mile High Media studio!

What 2023 Has To Offer?

See below what's the best to stream eco-friendly way in 2023!

College Rules

College Rules is the decade old content of raw college parties. There are girls, there is booze and there is lots of horny guys. See what kind of past-time activities are being done in dorms!

Filthy Family

Filthy Family brings you the hottest step family fun on 2023. Watch all the most known performers in story driven, yet completely silly performance where keeping bonds inside family is the key!

ASGMax - Gay Studio

ASGMax united the most fascinating gay porn producers under single group - Alpha Studio Group. Watch all the finest gay cinema with a single membership!

What People Think About EcoWizz?

Ecowizz is now deployed in thousands of homes and businesses. The solution allows to save electricity, almost 15% savings per year.

Samantha Coll

Ecowizz offers an innovative solution in the field of cleantech.

Mary Janes

Ecowizz combined a web platform and mobile smart devices such as a smart plug measuring and acting on the energy consumption electrical appliances.

John Doe

Tips To Save Money On Energy Consumption


Do not switch on too many lights to brighten up the room, instead try to make yourself habitual of living in sufficient amounts of light.


These machines consume a lot of energy and that is why it is a better idea to turn them off whenever you are done using them.


To reduce vampire power consumption turn off all devices that use standby power.


Eco Friendly Products To Buy Today To Stop Plastic Waste

Eco-friendly Products

Did you happen to see the pictures of sea turtles dying out of plastic suffocation and coral reefs withering away due to abundance of plastic waste! The stomach of the whale filled with plastic and many other horrifying pictures have been doing the rounds on the internet for several years. While different countries like Kenya, […]

Energy Saving Plugs You Can Buy At Amazingly Low Rates

green energy

The energy that we use to power our homes is something that mostly goes unnoticed. Most of us use energy rather carelessly. It is very important to save energy and there are many ways with which you can do that. [otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” background_color_class=”otw-green-background”]There are some appliances that draw power, even when on standby mode, hence […]