Save Money, Help The Planet, Upgrade Your Home Energy Consumption

save planet

Energy consumption matters to our economy and environment. When we waste electrical energy, we are causing damage to the environment and also wasting a lot of money. Think of the never-ending bills that come to your home like clock-work! While technology is the best gift that society has got, it is also a curse because the bills have the power to burn a hole in our pocket.

How about conserving energy and using it as per our needs and not greed? All it takes is switching off the fan and lights before we step out of our homes.

Mahatma Gandhi said, ”The world has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed”.

Majority of the people in the world are deprived of the gift of electrical energy. If you have an air-conditioner in your home, you are privileged.

How does conserving energy help save the environment and money?

  • There will be a decrease in harmful power plant emissions.
  • In order to generate electricity, these power plants are burning crude oil, fossil fuel and coal which is lethal for the environment. If we conserve energy, we are doing less damage to the planet.
  • When we save energy, our electricity bills will be much less as compared to before.

By taking few simple and easy steps, you can save money and help the planet. How? Let’s find out through this quick yet informative post about energy consumption.

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One Step, Thousands Of Benefits

When power plants burn fuel to create energy, the carbon waste gets trapped and produces a lot of heat. This has a negative effect to our planet and can lead to climatic change, smog, natural disasters, acid rain, high sea level and a rise in temperature.

Saving energy is a wise decision and is considered a need of the hour.

You can take the following steps to save energy:

Invest in a solar panel system
  • Invest in a solar panel system. Use the natural source of energy to get electricity in your home. Most of the universities, schools and colleges have installed a solar panel to save energy.
  • LED light bulbs can help in conserving energy. It uses less energy as compared to the standard bulbs that you find in the market.
  • Do not waste a lot of money investing in fancy lights. Majority of the people want to decorate their home with the fanciest lights, but they do not realize that it could lead to damage to the environment and a hefty electricity bill.
  • Never leave your home without checking if the lights, fan, geyser and air-conditioner are off or not.
Use manual tools to clean your home
  • Invest in low-wattage bulbs in your home. You can have one high-wattage bulb.
  • Use manual tools to clean your home. Using electrical tools for cleaning your home several times in a day can lead to over-consumption of energy.
  • You must always do the cooking preparations before you start cooking. This helps in saving energy! Only use the micro-wave when you need it. Also, you can quickly heat the food by using a microwave. This way you do not have to turn on your gas.
dry clothes
Dry your clothes outside
  • During the summer months, you can dry your clothes outside. It is best to avoid the dryer or drying machine. Let it dry under the sun as that way you will get fresh and sweet-smelling clothing.
  • Switch off the side lamps and outdoor lights while you are asleep. These are not needed! When there is enough sunlight outside, you can turn off the light in your room and do your regular household works.

Concluding Thoughts

Saving energy is a low hanging fruit from the tree. It is not impossible, and you will not feel deprived! We talk big but our actions are not in line with what we say! Every single day, we will find debates online or on television about energy saving tips, but not everyone is using those.

Some people are still studying under street lights and we are busy wasting energy! By saving electrical energy, you are saving a lot of money. You could do so much more with the saved money and invest in a better future!

So, take that first step and switch off the unnecessary lights in your home. You could bring about a change but only when you are ready to bring a change in you.