The Original Idea Behind The Ecowizz Smart Plug

The company was founded by three entrepreneurs in coordination with Alro-Communication S.A., a recognised name in energy management of larger buildings used in industry

Geroco SA was established back in 2009.

The company was founded by three entrepreneurs in coordination with Alro-Communication S.A., a recognised name in energy management of larger buildings used in industry.

Geroco launched the Ecowizz Smart Plug, it’s main product, earning the company considerable fame in the market.


Ecowizz is a smart plug that assists government organizations, householders and business users in the fuller understanding of their energy consumption.

It helps them in taking appropriate action through customized advice.

Using a combination of the traditional – the plug – with the modern – the app – you can get a much better picture of how much energy is consumed around your building and by which appliances.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” background_color_class=”otw-green-background”]Ecowizz is more of a solution that contains smart plugs and an internet portal.[/otw_shortcode_quote]

The app records the data for you to get a quick glance at your energy use.

The biggest advantage associated with the plug is the potential for cutting down the electricity expense of the consumer.

The Ecowizz can reduce your electricity by 10-15% with no adverse effect on your level of comfort.

The bridge between the world of information and electricity distribution is Geroco.

The company utilizes its professionalism in social media networks to create an ideal interface between these two mentioned worlds.

The company can be termed as a pioneer when it comes to the utilization of social networks for the provision of customized advice to the customers through targeted channels.

the Ark foundation
The Ark foundation

The Ark Foundation

The company is being incubated by the Ark foundation, which provides services like fully equipped offices, networking, advice on fund-raising, and coaching too.

The foundation has played a major role in making the company what it is today.

Benefits OfEcowizz

The Ecowizz smart plug can give you several unique benefits. The benefits are as follows:

  • The smart plug will be utilized by you in high risk electronic appliances, which means that you will always ensure that the appliances are switched off. The Ecowizz also provides you with more control on your appliances as you can remotely switch them off or on at your convenience.
  • Ecowizz allows you to create schedules that are simple for your appliance. For example, you can schedule your home lamps so that they may turn on and off at the times you set. Similarly, you can also automate your kettle to boil water for you for when you are ready for your morning tea. Ecowizz provides you a complete solution!
  • Ecowizz is equipped with a thermal sensor which actually turns off the device once it’s charged or heated. In other words, the smart plug-in provides adequate protection to your appliances.



Our Ecowizz smart plug is a product which is very simple to use and at the same time is affordable.

You can control all your devices from your home with ease.

The product is a perfect option for you if you plan to have your home automated.

The Ecowizz is just another addition to the Energy-Smart Electrical Outlets .

The product is now also available in the European market.